Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder is the inflammation of the soft tissues within the joint capsule that surrounds the shoulder. It causes pain and the loss of arm movement.


  • Injury and overuse

  • History of spine and shoulder joint dislocation

  • Other personal factors:

  • Post- operation shoulder joint immobilization for long time

  • Stroke

  • Diabetes mellitus


 Symptoms: Mainly three phases:
  • First Phase: Acute phase

    • Shoulder pain occurs and gradually increase in severity which may affect sleeping. Then the joint will become stiff and affect daily life activities e.g. dressing

  • Second Phase: Frozen phase

    • Shoulder pain will decrease while increasing the stiffness of the joint.

  • Third Phase: Recovery phase

    • The joint stiffness will gradually decrease with the appropriate treatment and exercise.

    • The shoulder joint will resume the normal function.